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Why Us?

There are thousands of online business directory in the world for manufacturers, OEMs, exporters, suppliers, wholesalers, retailers, service providers including India but one will find very few of them providing a genuine and transparent platform to buyers and sellers to conduct business and trade. Most of the web marketplace and yellow pages give importance and priority and work for the sellers as their revenue comes from them. Any business which pays them the highest amount would get the top listings on their web portal without taking into consideration the reputation, experience, reviews of customers, proper government registrations etc. Free business listings, which may be the better ones, will find no mention or would be pushed to the last pages. In this scenario, it is the buyers who may end up being cheated by purchasing products or availing services of inferior quality.

It is here where our business directory differs from others. For us, it is always buyers first. We have designed and developed our online Yellow pages of and for India keeping the interest and preference of the buyers in mind.

Business with good reputation, experience, customer service, quality products and services, proper registration and certificates will always get top listings on our b2b marketplace. It is our utmost endeavour to ensure that the buyers are able to find the right kind of products and services from manufacturers, suppliers, exporters, OEMs, wholesalers, retailers and service providers in India on this online directory. For us, "Buyer is the King".


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