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There are many online B2B Business Directory in India but what separates us from the crowd is the transparency and our committment to always strive hard to provide the original and correct information of the manufacturers, suppliers, exporters, wholesalers, along their products to the buyers and the sellers which in turn would help them to take decisions quickly and hence promote trade and business.

We take utmost care to ensure that the genuine and reliable Indian and foreign companies with good credentials get top listings on our B2B business directory so that the buyers would be able to find the suppliers or manufacturers easily and both get benefitted. Unlike other portals which always give top listings to their highest paid sellers, here any seller with good record and dealing could get the top position without having to pay a single rupee.


Apparel & Clothing
Apparel & Clothing Directory
Electronic/ Electrical
Electronic/ Electrical Directory
Food & Beverages
Food & Beverages Directory
Furniture and Fittings
Furniture and Fittings Directory
Gems & Jewelry
Gems & Jewelry Directory
Handicrafts & Gifts
Handicrafts & Gifts Directory
Home Furnishings
Home Furnishings Directory
Hospital & Medical Supplies
Hospital & Medical Supplies Directory
Hotel Supplies
Hotel Supplies Directory
Industrial Supplies
Industrial Supplies Directory
Leather Goods
Leather Goods Directory
Packaging Supplies
Packaging Supplies Directory
Plant & Machinery
Plant & Machinery Directory
Rubber Products
Rubber Products Directory
Scientific Instrument
Scientific Instrument Directory
Weighing Scale
Weighing Scale Directory



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